MAM/PAMM (Multiple Account Management/Percent Allocation Management Module) gives your clients the choice to become an investor and profit without trading on their own, and allows more experienced traders to profit by managing the funds of others. Extend the functionality of your website and Trader’s Room to include support for the MAM/PAMM business model.

The MAM/PAMM Support module allows you to expand your Trader’s Room functionality to cover all aspects of sign-up, engagement, and management of managers and investors.

Traders will be able to:
• apply to become a manager
• apply for website visitors to review, compare managers, and make informed investment decisions
• invest with a chosen manager
• manage existing investments or management accounts

Brokers will have the following abilities:
• approve new MAM applications and open accounts via the Trader’s Room interface
• approve investor accounts
• manage engagement/disengagement/re-engagement of investor and manager accounts

In conjunction with the MAM/PAMM Support module, a special website module provides a list of MAM accounts for potential investors to review. MAM accounts can be sorted and reviewed according to rating details such as account age, invested capital, drawdown, and daily, monthly, and total profitability. In addition, the plug-in provides graphical representation of historical profitability, history of placed trades, MAM terms, and ability to invest with a chosen account.