The Gold Account represents luxury, this account type accommodates traders who take their trading very seriously and ultimately deserve a variety of special benefits. To acquire a Gold Account you have to meet the following requirements of “trading 2,000 aggregated lots” or “reaching total account equity of $10,000 to 75,000″. 

Gold account holders must trade a minimum of 600 lots quarterly in order to keep a Gold Account in good standing. Once you have a Gold Account, you will enjoy the following premium benefits:

  1. A 10% bonus on your first deposit each month (up to $500)
  2. An Account Manger who will constantly monitor your trading patterns, and provide you valuable information about Risk Management, Trading Strategy and Market Trend Analysis.
  3. Faster withdrawals – 3 days
  4. Joining the GSI Markets Trading Challenge with $20,000 prizes every week
  5. The full written and video GSI Markets Course
  6. Instant free access to hundreds of the real traders’ live chat-room
  7. Dedicated phone access for Direct Trading Room
  8. Access to the GSI Markets gift site (coming soon!)

*Note: In the case of downgrading your account to a Silver Account, an automatic upgrade to a Gold Account will be granted once your trade reaches 200 lots a month. When your trading activities get to either “10,000 aggregated lots (lot = 100,000 currency units)” or “your total deposits reach $20,000″, your account status will be upgraded to a Platinum Account with highest benefits for your trading needs.