Expert Advisors and Trading Robots

The magic wand of technology has touched the trading experience as well. Thousands of traders are now taking advantage of Expert Advisors and Trading Robots to generate profits when they are away from markets. This advanced innovation will be a game-changer for your portfolio.

GSIMarkets offers about 2000 different trading robots and expert advisors. You can use and modify your trading system at your convenience to make it more suitable to you. In the pages below, you will find a list of robots with relevant information such as profitability, number of subscribers, time of activity, and number of trades placed.

Expert Advisors and Trading Robots are automated trading systems which are based on mathematical analysis on past movements to predict future trends. Various types of indicators are involved in trading software in order to establish opening and closing rates for positions, and the subject assets might depend on the robot you are using.

Please keep in mind that trading robots are completely computerized systems, and may fail to function in extreme developments. Traders are advised to keep an eye on their account’s performance for a proper risk management strategy.

To subscribe to a robot and implement it to your MT4 platform, please watch the video below:


How to subscribe to an MT4 Robot:



Available Trading Robots: