Lauren Sawyer

Every day, countless individuals trade Foreign Exchange (Forex) with the hope of making a fortune. The thing about Forex is that to win at it, you need to understand it. In general, Forex is not the route to getting rich overnight. It is a slow, active investment. 


The Forex market is the most fluid of all the financial markets, with the possibility of growing or falling in an instant. This is both a benefit and a huge risk potential for any trader. Full transparency - Forex is not a stable investment, which is something everyone needs to be aware of before making their first trade. That volatility, however, allows traders to take advantage of fluctuations and make a profit off them. 


Timing is also extremely important when it comes to forex trading. You must be watch and review global news events to determine when to take action and receive the most benefit. You’re unlikely to see any benefit from blindly buying and selling. You can trust you’ll very quickly put yourself in the negative this way.  


There is a lot of cash flowing in Forex trading at a rapid pace, with daily activity often exceeding $4 trillion USD per day, with over $1.5 trillion of that conducted in the form of spot trading. The Forex market is not exclusive to timing and runs 24 hours per day. The greatest liquidity is then created when time zones overlap. This is a great benefit for day traders who do not want to work 9 to 5 and take advantage of an opportunity in a different time zone (Traders were awake in the U.K during the U.S election in order to make the most profit of the instability in the market). 


Before beginning your trading career, it is recommended to trade on demo accounts that are available from most legitimate Forex brokerages upon opening an account. These usually give you a virtual $100,000 so you can test out the system and understand the platforms. You can trade with confidence knowing that you are safe from any actual risk. It is also recommended that you outline a solid budget for trading – starting out small and growing that coin to get comfortable with forex trading and developing your confidence further. 


Another important factor in the Forex market is the effect of international political or economic events. Review these events and learn how they affect the value of a currency. These events have the potential to cause extreme instability and create a risk for traders. As an example, the USD/EUR pairing experienced significant highs and lows for weeks after the U.S election was over. 

If a country’s interest rates rise, the national currency will usually strengthen because investors will divert their assets to that country in the hopes of gaining higher returns. On the flipside, if a country’s interest rates fall, its currency will weaken as investors revoke their stocks so they won’t lose profit. 


Any good trader will tell you that your trading strategy can either make you or break you. It is extremely important that you develop a bulletproof strategy from day one. It will most likely help to speak to an account manager or trading expert who can explain the key points of this. 

If you would rather not do the hard work yourself, you can hire an account manager to trade for you. They will have the legitimate knowledge to create the most return on your investment. Just make sure your account manager is authorized and successful before trusting them with your hard-earned coin. Some large brokerages offer benefits such as special offers & bonuses and full account coverage.  


Most people will feel safe opening an account with large broker for security reasons because usually, they will have more specific return & refund policies. Independent account managers can be risky due to the fact that they are unmonitored, lack regulation, and often don’t have the experience or resources that the large brokerages do. Seek out transparency and conduct a significant review to avoid a potential scam.  


Hopefully, this information was helpful and can help you decide whether to start Forex trading or not. To find a Forex brokerage, there are many top review sites that list the pros & cons of each broker. Remember that every trader is different, so make sure to thoroughly review and compare brokers before registering to ensure you find the best broker for your trading needs.