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Lauren Sawyer

How to Effectively Navigate the Jungle of Forex Reviews

Getting to know as much as possible about the Forex trading industry before you make your first trade is essential for success. More often than not, the first place that a retail trader looks at when carrying out initial research is a review website. Because there are so many Forex brokers setting up shop nowadays, it has become difficult to keep track of the features available in the marketplace.

Forex review websites contain all the important information that you need with regard to currency market operators and trading systems via a range of articles, testimonials and comparison tables, which help to match users to brokers who cater to their experience and trading style.

Carry Out Due Diligence on the Review Sites You Use

A key piece of advice that experienced Forex traders offer to newbies is that they have to be vigilant to avoid getting fooled, especially by the many partial review websites. This is because most of these websites are affiliated to the brokers listed on the sites. Although there is no law against this practice, it is still important that you are aware of it. Never take online testimonials and reviews as the gospel truth – always double-check the information with the broker’s actual website to ensure that the information is accurate and objective.

Look for Objective and Impartial Sites

When searching for Forex reviews info, the first thing you should look out for is if the site offers objective and impartial reviews. If a website gains a reputation for being unbiased, it will quickly gain the trust of its visitors and followers. One of the things that often compromise a reviews site’s objectivity is its affiliate relationship with brokers. However, this is not always the case, as there are many review websites that explicitly state the agreements that they have in place with any brokers they promote.

Find A Site with Concise Trading Information

There are few things as bad as having to wade through tons of endless technical jargon for hours when looking for Forex reviews info. If you had this kind of time, you would simply browse through and analyze each page of a broker’s website to find what you are looking for. This is why you need to find Forex review websites that strikes a balance when they offer information on a particular broker or trading system. It is also advisable to avoid review websites that offer too little information or confusing reviews.

Only Follow Insightful and High Quality Reviews

The quality of the Forex reviews info that is contained on the website needs to be relevant to what you are looking for when trying to pick a broker or trading system. By reading reviews that clearly define and explain the concepts and features that you find difficult to grasp, this will quickly get you up to speed, especially if you are a new trader. For example, when a website demonstrates a concept like leverage with clear examples, it keeps you and other visitors captivated and motivated to continue research into the world of currency trading. Side-by-side comparisons of different brokers and their features also allow you to make an objective decision, one way or the other.


It is essential that you collect as much Forex reviews info as possible before you decide on a Forex broker that will take care of your currency trades. Forex reviews websites are a good place to start your research but it is very important that you select a reputable website since there are plenty of scam brokers in the market with affiliations to some reviews websites.