The Silver Account is suitable for traders whose trading volume is above the average.

This is categorized as the second level in our Trader Accounts scale.

To acquire a Silver Account, either requirements of “trading 300 aggregated lots” or “reaching total deposits of $1,000 to $10,000″ needs to be met.

You must continue to trade 150 lots quarterly, at a minimumin in order to keep the Silver Account.

Below are the benefits of having a Silver Account:

  • Access to the full written and video GSI Markets Course.

  • An Account Executive will assist you with basic inquiries about trading and the benefits of our platform's functionality.

GSI Markets offers a "Once a Year Trading Challenge" with a $20,000 prize.

You will also recieve weekly emails from our brokers forecasting current trends in order to help you make informative decisions.

When your trading activities get to either “2000 aggregated lots" (lot = 100,000 currency units) or when your account reaches "$10,000 in equity” your account status will be automatically upgraded to the higher premium - Gold Account which offers improved benefits.