Calculators help us a great deal by doing some of the hardest work for us. There is no need to sit and read thousands of guides on how to check Pips or Margins, for example, when calculators have been prepared to give that exact kind of service. We would still recommend that you read up on what these calculations mean, but you can very much skip needing to get pen and paper, or opening excel charts for these checks.

Economic Calendar
While not a calculator per se, the economic calendar is important for traders, as it monitors market-moving events, such as economic indicators and monetary policy decisions. Many of the events checked on the calendar have a high probability of impacting the financial markets, and seasoned traders know how to prepare for them in advance. Make use of the Economic Calendar and start planning your financial future now!

Margin and Pip Calculator
The Margin and Pip Calculator does two things; first, it lets you calculate how much margin you actually need in order to guarantee a position you want to open. The Pip side of the calculator checks what the value of a Pip is for the trade you’re checking. You can find the Margin and Pip Calculator here.

Profit Calculator
Profits are the reason any of us are in the Forex industry to begin with; we all want to make hefty sums thanks to our trades! Our Profit Calculator was created to help you measure how much you could expect to make from a trade. Simply fill in all the required details, and we do the math side of things for you. To calculate how much you’re to gain from a trade, click here!