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Trading Information on GSI Markets
Founded over a decade ago, GSI Markets is a hub of information and activity for anything and everything Forex related. We have worked long and hard writing guides for newcomers and experienced traders alike, and work around the clock to provide our customers with a smooth and quick online trading experience. In this section of the GSI Markets website, we have summarized the various guides you can find, all of which deal with various information you can get on trading. Have a good read!

Futures Contracts and Asset Expirations
Futures Contracts are pre-determent agreements for buying and selling assets for extended period of times. The vast majority of Futures Contracts last 30 to 60 days. Please note that the trading prices change constantly during the trading hours, and are completely dependent on the market. Additionally, all trades automatically close at 20:00 GMT on the date of expiation, with no regards to losses or profits. However, this may change during holidays or per market liquidity. To see the Futures Contracts and Asset Expirations, click here.

Margin & Leverage
Margin and leverage are two very important terms that usually take a little while for newcomers to forex trading to grasp. However, these terms help decree a lot of choices that are relevant to your trades, so spending the time on comprehending them is quite important. To read what exactly they are and how they are calculated, click here.

Assets and Symbols
A collection of Assets and Symbols lists, their type of exchange, lot sizes, and a few more details, all easily accessible in one place. Click here to find them!

Trading Hours
Different markets around the world are open at different hours. A good rule of the thumb is to expect markets to be open for trades 24 hours a day during the working days (Monday through Friday). However, some markets are open on weekends as well, and every time national holidays come around in various countries, opening hours change. To see the global open trading hours, click here!