Forex reviews

Lauren Sawyer

Utilizing Forex reviews to find the best broker for you

There are many websites that review and compare Forex brokerages to allow potential members to find the best brokerage to suit their needs. 

The main things to look for when reviewing brokerages are: 

  • Policies – Ensure you fully understand and agree with any return, commission, withdrawal, and other policies that may affect you in the long run. 
  • Security – It is extremely important to ensure all your personal and financial details are secure once you hand them over. When making a deposit, check that an encryption server is being used such as SSL or PCI DSS. 
  • Bonuses – A great extra that comes with brokerages is seasonal and rewards bonuses. These can be made for referrals as well. Ensure that the brokerage does offer these bonuses but that there are no hidden conditions. 
  • Customer support – You will need customer support on occasion, so check that will be available to you. See the different methods of contact such as phone (is it in your country or international?), email, live chat etc. 
  • Technology – Search for a brokerage that uses the best trading technology and software. A great online trading platform is MetaTrader web platform allows you to trade from any browser or operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux) with no additional software. 
  • Experience – It is important that your brokerage has experience that will benefit you and your investment. You do not want to give your money to someone who has no clue, so ask the question. 
  • Regulation – Ensure that your brokerage is registered and regulated by an official body. If they are not regulated, they could be involved in criminal activity and you will have no protection if something goes wrong. Consult reviews, do your research and you will be sure to avoid a scam or illegitimate broker.  

With this guideline, you should find a legitimate, qualified brokerage that will be of huge benefit to your overall Forex experience. Conduct a thorough review of any broker you wish to consider and fully research a company and their services.