Forex bonus

Lauren Sawyer

Forex bonus 


Majority of Foreign exchange brokerages use bonuses to attract investors and maintain existing client relationships. Brokerages will offer their clients different kinds of bonuses that will benefit customers, depending on the season or relative economic events. They will usually also offer bonuses for new clients, birthdays and reaching certain trading volumes. 

Usually how it works is that the client will make a deposit and receive a bonus worth a specific percentage. For example, the client makes a deposit during the holiday bonus period, their bonus will be automatically added to their trading account. The bonus can be advertised as percentage or a dollar figure, such as 25% or $50. 

With most brokerages, the bonus cannot be withdrawn until the trader has reached a certain trading volume (e.g. 25% bonus or $75.) 

  • No deposit bonus – This type of bonus is typically for new clients and serve as a gift for opening a trading account with the brokerage. 

  • Volume bonuses – This type of bonus serves as a reward to traders with highly active accounts. 

  • Freebies – These are additional gifts to clients such as e-books, courses or training sessions. They can be given away for reasons such as joining the brokerage or making a large deposit. 

  • Rewards – These vary and can be given to clients who complete certain trading requirements. 

  • Rebates – These are cash back bonuses for trading. 

  • Demo contests – Sometimes, brokerages will hold contests in demo accounts and offer real cash prizes for the best trading strategies and results. 

  • Live contests – These are similar to the demo contests and use live trading accounts that offer higher cash prizes. 

  • Refer-a-friend – These bonuses are offered to clients who get their friends to sign up and open accounts with the brokerage. 

  • Affiliates – Affiliate bonuses can be given under the circumstance that an individual introduces a client to the brokerage and continues to make a deposit. Then the affiliate or “introducer” will make a commission off the deposit. 

Most of the best legitimate forex brokerages are very similar. It is important to notice details when choosing one and not to be blinded by the bonus. Always consider the actual cost of trading and what the legitimate brokerage offers. Check which currency pairs, shares, indices or commodities are available to trade. Even though stocks, indices and commodities are unrelated to Forex, they are a great opportunity for investors to make more money. 


Forex bonuses have value to any client at any brokerage. They provide a legitimate boost and clients benefit from extra money to trade with, bringing the potential for increased profits. You should receive emails from your brokerage, announcing any new bonuses that are available to you. You can also find websites with lists of all bonuses available from the top legitimate brokerages and the transparent conditions to obtain them.