Iphone-IOS - Meta Trader 4 Guide



Download the MetaTrader 4 Mobile iOS app or launch the App Store on your iOS device and search for ‘MetaTrader 4’.

After downloading and installing the MT4 app, tap on the icon to start.




When MetaTrader 4 Mobile app starts for the first time you will be taken to the New Account screen. You can return to it later through Settings, tapping on Accounts and then on the  button on the upper right hand corner.






Login to an existing account

If you already have an existing MetaTrader 4 account from GSI Markets with login/password, please select Login with existing account. In the Servers screen tap on the Enter company or server name and search for ‘TradeTech’. The app will return a complete list of GSI Markets servers.







·        Choose this option if you want to continue using your existing demo account. If you want to create a new demo account, please see chapter 2.2 of this starter guide: Open a new demo account.

TradeTech- Main

After choosing the correct account type by tapping it, you can log into MetaTrader 4 Mobile for iOS with the same login information provided for your existing GSI Markets TradeTech MetaTrader 4 demo/Real trading accounts.

Enter your account number into the Login field and your password below. If you do not want to enter the password again in the future, save your login details by sliding the Save password box. Once completed, tap the Sign In button in the top right hand corner.




On successful login, you will be taken to the Quotes window where you will see live prices.







Open a new demo account

In the New Account screen select Open demo account. In the Servers screen tap on the Enter company or server name the search for ‘GSI Markets’ and the app will give a list of servers.  Select TradeTech-Demo.

Enter your Personal Information and select your account type, leverage and deposit amount in the Account Information section. Tap on Register button in the top right hand corner to proceed – A demo account with login information will be created. Tap Done button to finish the registration.


https://www.gsimarkets.com/upload/e20c2c66d11465224682.png    https://gsimarkets.com/img/iphone/7.png



Switch between saved accounts

The MetaTrader 4 Mobile app allows the user to save multiple live and demo accounts. To switch between the saved accounts select Settings and tap Accounts. All the saved accounts will be displayed on the list.



Choosing the button https://gsimarkets.com/img/iphone/18.png at the top right will bring you back to the login screen, where you can connect using a different account. To delete an account, swipe your finger from side to side on the account and a red Delete button will pop up.

Main sections

The MetaTrader 4 Mobile consists of five main tabs selectable from the bottom menu bar; Quotes, Chart, Trade, History and Settings.






By selecting the Quotes tab, your device will display the tradable symbols. For each symbol you will also see the associated Bid and Ask prices.

You can display more detailed information about each symbol by tapping the Advanced button on the top of the screen. In the Advanced view, the screen displays Spreads, Time data, and High and Low prices.



By tapping a currency pair symbol, it will display a sub-menu with three options:



·        Select the lot size under the volume selection

·        Select Buy, Sell or Pending order for desired currency pair

·        Tap the Next button in upper right corner to fill and place the order


·        View chart of the chosen currency pair


·        View additional details of the currency pair

From this screen, you can also hit the https://gsimarkets.com/img/iphone/18.png button to add more currency pairs to your Quotes list. Once you do so, you will be taken to an “Add Symbol” at the top of it. There is just one choice to choose from: “Forex”, so please select that one. On the next page you will see every currency pair offered by GSI Markets available on the mobile platform.

To add a currency pair, tap on https://gsimarkets.com/img/iphone/19.png sign next to corresponding currency pair. To see more info about these currency pairs tap on https://gsimarkets.com/img/iphone/20.png sign.  


Tapping the Chart button on the lower toolbar menu will display a full screen chart of the currency pair you have currently selected. You can zoom in and out by ‘pinching’ the chart and scroll back and forth by sliding on the chart horizontally.


By tapping the chart itself you can trade the currency pair, add indicators and change settings of the chart.

The sub-toolbar, located at the top of the screen, gives you variable options for the chart:



·        Select the periodicity of the chart (M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1)

Candle type

·        Choose between Bar Chart, Japanese Candlesticks and Line Chart


·        Select to pinpoint data on specific location on the chart


·        Add indicators to the chart

Chart settings

·        Select additional information to be shown on the chart - Volumes, Trade Levels, OHLC (Open, High, Low, Close) and Data Window


The Trade section shows your account information at the top, displaying Profit, Balance, Equity, Margin, Free margin and Margin level.

Below the Account information you can see a summary of your current open positions. By tapping on a position you’ll get additional information of it. If you then tap and hold down the position for a second you’ll get to a screen where you can Close, Modify and Trade the selected position.

If you don’t have any open positions there’s an option to open a new position. Tap on it and you’ll get to a screen where you can Buy & Sell and make pending orders.

Market Execution: A buy or sell order that is executed at the market price.

Buy Limit: A pending order to execute a buy position with an entry price below the current market price.

Sell Limit: A pending order to execute a sell position with an entry price above the current market price.

Buy Stop: A pending order to execute a buy position with an entry price above the current market price.

Sell Stop: A pending order to execute a sell position with an entry price below the current market price.  




The Trade history gives a complete listing of all your closed orders, removed pending orders, deposits/withdrawals and credits.

By tapping the options located at the top, you can customize the time frame:


You can also filter the history by symbol, by entering the symbol name into the search box.



Settings option can be accessed from hitting the menu button on your phone and choosing Settings. This allows you to adjust various parameters of MetaTrader 4 for iOS. From here you can access to your Accounts and change Charts settings.

If you click on Charts, you will be able to customize what you see on the chart. From here, you can change the type of chart you’re displaying. Turn ON/OFF Volumes and Trade levels depending on your preferences by sliding the buttons from side to side. When Trade levels option is enabled, all positions and pending orders of a symbol are shown on the symbol chart. Trade operations are displayed as lines with signatures at the level of the price, at which they were executed.


We hope that this document has helped you to install MetaTrader 4 Mobile on your Android OS and you are ready to start trading with GSI Markets.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support as we are here to help you.