The Trader Awards 2015

    Finalist Best Forex Broker:

GSI Markets was nominated to be a finalist for the Best Forex Broker of the year award at The Trader Brokers Awards 2015 which are voted for by private traders in the general public to single out the best service providers within that year.





   The 7th Annual Forex Trading Convention 2015

    Best FX Pricing:

    GSI Markets was honored to be awarded the Best FX Pricing Award during the 7th Annual Forex Trading Convention in Estonia which was organized by a collaboration between Stay Connected and Alwast who specialize in Financial Commodity shows and conferences.


    Best CFD Broker 2015

    Web Broker Portal:

    Over 10,000 clients around the world use our platform to trade each month. The operator of the portal look at the customer’s perspective of the accessibility of the platform and the customer service. GSI Markets was ranked as the highest ranking platform this year.




    Best Client Support:

    European Forex Brokers Award:

    In a survey conducted by the country of Estonia, on several brokerage companies in Europe, GSI Markets was listed as one of the Top Ranking                 brokerages for customer service and Support for the last three years.



     Highest Price-Performance Ratio

     European Forex Brokers Award:

     In an online survey among European clientele for CDF brokers this year, GSI Markets was given a 5 star overall rating in the category of “Price-Performance Ratio”



   Best Investment Trading Platform 2014

   Best Investment Trading Platform 2014

   GSI Markets was honored to accept the award for “Best Investment Trading Platform 2014” at the Eden 8th Forex show organized by multiple trading bodies for the promotion of leading forex industries.