FAQ - Withdrawal

How do I withdraw my funds and how long does it take? 

Log into your account and click on My Account. In the displayed menu you will see Withdrawal 

Request or please click here: https://www.gsimarkets.com/en/member-dashboard/withdrawal/ In case you are missing any details that need to be written in the withdrawal form, kindly contact your bank to provide them. 

In case you have deposited using: 

Credit/Debit Card 

We aim to process withdrawals made by Credit/Debit Card within 6 to 7 business days after the withdrawal has been approved. However, you should be aware that in some cases withdrawals can take up to 30 business depending on the bank. 

Furthermore, if you deposit using a credit/debit card/cards, be aware that your withdrawal will first be credited back to these cards in the first in / first out method. This means that if you deposit $500 with your credit card, and want to withdraw $700 (initial investment + profits), you would receive $500 back to your card and $200 will processed by wire transfer. This is in order to comply with the rules and regulations of the banking authorities, and money laundering laws.

Bank Wire 

If you have made a deposit via bank wire, the only method of withdrawal will be a bank wire. We normally process the transaction within 6-7 business days, however you should be aware that in some cases withdrawals can take up to 30 business days depending on the bank. The same process applies for any alternative option used for a deposit. 

What are the conditions for making a withdrawal request? 

The minimum withdrawal amount is $200. 

Maximum Withdrawal

There is no maximum amount for a withdrawal, meaning that you may withdraw all of your funds at any time. However, the maximum withdrawal amount by credit card is the amount that you deposited using that card. 

Please note the further requirements for a withdrawal: 

  1. Your account must be compliant, since GsiMarkets takes great measures in protecting its customers and providing the highest standards of security. As such all traders must be compliant. We are required to verify the identity of all of our clients. To upload required documents please click 

  1. Accounts who have active bonuses are not able to withdraw funds until reaching the bonus requirements. Be sure to ask for these requirements when requesting/accepting a bonus. It is not possible to withdraw your funds leaving only your remaining bonus. If you are unsure of your personal requirements, or what your bonus terms are, please visit the 'Bonus History' tab in your members area, or click here:https://www.gsimarkets.com/Banking-History/Bonus-History/ 

  1. Accounts who have open trades are not able to withdraw funds until trades are closed. Always check with your account manager before closing trades in order to make a withdrawal. 

Additional questions:

How long does it take to process the withdrawal request? 

Please note that all withdrawal requests are processed by our account managers. You will receive an email confirming the request within 3 business days. 

How may I withdraw if I used more than one deposit option? 

If you deposited by credit/ debit card, the card must be fully refunded before using other withdrawal mean. Once your card has been fully refunded you may select another option.

Can I withdraw funds to my friends/ relatives account? 

No, it is forbidden to transfer funds under different names. 

Is there a service fee for withdrawals? 

GsiMarkets will not charge you a service fee, though the card processors, or your bank may do so. For bank transfers there is a fee of between 5 USD – 10 USD (depending on the amount transferred). 

I still have an issue with the process, who can I contact? 

In case you experience any problems during your withdrawal process, please contact our Customer Service. We are available to assist you by email, phone, or live chat. 

My withdrawal was approved but I haven't received the funds to my account yet, what can I do ?

Firstly, please verify with your personal account manager the status and form, of your withdrawal, as they will have all of the relevant information. Sometimes the withdrawals take longer than expected. This is a standard practice for most banks, and is out of our control.