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Paul David is a personal finance guru. He is the author of 'The Winning Strategy',  'How to Make Your First Million' and many other Game Changing books that are on any serious investors bookshelf.  He rose to instant fame when he predicted the stock market crash of 2008. While thousands went bankrupt Mr. David's VIP group were the lucky few that made huge fortunes overnight.

His unorthodox views and perceptions have won him a great following, including some the most astute CEO's on Wall street. His simplicity at seeing through the clouds on the horizon and predicting the obvious that most of us fail to see has earned him the title of Guru.

He ran a weekly column in The Wall Street Investor from (2008-2011) and has won many awards including the prestigious 'Wealth and Money Award'. We are very happy at GSI to have his 'exclusive' VIP TIPS column for our readers only to take advantage of.