Welcome Bonus Terms and Conditions

Welcome Bonus Terms and Conditions:


-           The Welcome Bonus can be awarded only once and only for the initial deposit made by each new client of GSIMarkets during the promotion period.

-           If on the date of the Initial Deposit the client makes several successful Deposit Transactions, the company shall consider the total Intitial Deposit amount to be the sum of all those Deposit Transactions.

-           Existing clients can not request a Welcome Bonus.

-           Once the Welcome Bonus has been awarded for an Initial Deposit, the client can not request it for any Subsequent Deposits.

-           The Welcome Bonus can not be awarded for Initial Deposits below 500$.

-           The Welcome Bonus must be requested by the Client via e-mail to compliance@gsimarkets.com within two weeks of the date when the initial deposit was made. Bonus requests made after the that period will not be approved.

-           GSIMarkets reserves the right to decline a Bonus request at its sole discretion and without providing any explanation to the client.

Bonus Characteristics:

-           The Welcome Bonus is added as Credit to the Client’s Trading Account.

-           The Welcome Bonus can be converted to Balance upon request, but only after its Initial Trading Requirement has been fulfilled. Partial conversions will not be allowed.

-           The Welcome Bonus can not be withdrawn before it is converted to Balance.

-           The Welcome Bonus Can not be converted to Balance after it has been removed / revoked from the Trading Account. No

-           The Initial Trading Requirement of your Welcome Bonus is calculated in the following way: [Amount of the Credit Bonus] / 2 = [Required Lots you have to trade before requesting conversion].

-           Only positions which have been opened and subsequently closed after more than 3 minutes have passed will be added towards the Total Traded Volume considered for your Initial Trading Requirement

-           The Amount of the Welcome Bonus can not exceed USD 30,000.00 or its equivalent in another currency.

-           The Client can request a Welcome Bonus to be converted to Balance once the Initial Trading Requirement has been fulfilled by sending an e-mail to compliance@gsimarkets.com

Bonus Removal:

GSIMarkets reserves the right to remove part of, or the full Welcome Bonus without prior notice in the following cases:

-           If the Balance of the Trading Account falls below the amount of the initial deposit as a result of a withdrawal request, or an internal transfer request, the Welcome Bonus will be revoked or reduced accordingly. The Client is specifically warned that there might be a technical delay between the execution of a withdrawal / internal transfer request and the removal/adjustment of the Welcome Bonus. The Client shall not be authorised to use the Credit Bonus in this period. GSIMarkets reserves the right to decline and/or void any transactions placed in the period between the withdrawal / internal transfer request and the removal/adjustment of the Welcome Bonus, as those orders shall be considered to be using a Credit Bonus without authorisation.

-           If the Equity of your Trading Account falls to an amount equal to your Welcome Bonus.

-           If the Bonus has not been converted to Balance within 12 months since the date it was credited to the Trading Account.

-           If GSIMarkets suspects the client is engaged in unethical or questionable trading methods.

-           GSIMarkets will not be liable for any losses caused by Welcome Bonus removal /  revocation, or adjustment.

The Client has the right to request the Welcome Bonus to be removed / Cancelled at any time by sending a request to compliance@gsimarkets.com

The Client is specifically warned that the Removal of any or all of the Welcome Bonus will have a negative effect on the Client’s Margin Level and Open Positions and as a result the Trading Account might reach a Margin Call and /or Stop-Out level.