FAQ Despoit

How do I deposit funds into my account? 

Once you have logged into your account, you are able to make a deposit by going to My Account and clicking on Deposit. Also you may click here:  

There are several deposit methods available, all you have to do is choose a the deposit method that works best for you and follow the steps displayed. 

How long does it take to deposit? 

Credit Card transactions are reflected in the account within seconds of confirmation. 

Wire transfers can take up to 3-5 business days. 

Alternative deposit options may vary. Kindly contact your personal account manager to obtain more information. 

What is the minimum opening balance? 

In order to open an account with GsiMarkets you must deposit a minimum of 250 USD. After your initial deposit you may redeposit any amount you would like, depending on the deposit option you have chosen. 

Is there a maximum deposit? 

The amount you are able to deposit varies according to the payment method you choose. However, there are no limits for deposits via wire transfer. 

In which currencies can I deposit money into my trading account? 

It depends on your chosen deposit option. Kindly check with your account manager, or support representative. In any case, the funds in your trading account will always be converted to USD. 

How will my credit/debit card deposits appear on my statement? 

We strongly advise confirming with your personal account manager before, or after, depositing. This helps to avoid any kind of misunderstanding in regards to the billing name. 

Why am I getting a deposit failure notification? 

Firstly check whether you have sufficient funds, or whether a certain limit on the credit/debit card has been reached. Also your card might be blocked for internet purchases and deposits. Please contact your credit card provider/bank to verify that everything is in order. GsiMarkets is always doing its best to help in these cases and may be able to offer you another deposit alternative, kindly contact your personal account manager or the support department. 

I have added funds to my trading account using my credit/debit card, but I have been charged twice, what can I do? 

Sometimes on a temporary bank statement you may see the same transaction twice, but at the due date the bank will charge you just once. Please note that we add funds to the client's account within seconds after the transaction has been made, kindly check your transaction history to confirm how much you have invested: https://www.gsimarkets.com/Banking-History/Trades-History/ If you have checked and you 


have been charged twice, send your account manager an official bank statement showing the double charge and we will check it with our payment providers.