FAQ - Trading platforms

Do you offer demo accounts? 

Yes we do. Please feel free to open a new demo account  

and enter the details provided. Use the server Platinumworld-Demo for successful log in. However, we advise you to be cautious and avoid making conclusions that you may have reached while trading solely on a demo account. 

Can I trade on my mobile device? 

Yes. You are able to trade on Android & IOS devices. Please follow the instructions 

If you need any help contact our support department by email, phone, or live chat. 

I cannot log in to my trade account, what can I do? 

Usually, incorrect login details or/and an incorrect password has been entered. Kindly double check your login which is your trading account number (MT4 ID) or/and change the password 


and try to log in again. Also note that when trying to log in, the chosen server must be Platinumworld-Main for real accounts. Servers are noted below your login and password section in the login window. 

Do you provide any kind of support to know how to use the MT4 platform? 

Feel free to contact your personal account manager for tips and tutorials. Also, you can use Metatrader help center. All you have to do is just click on help button on the panel above in your Metatrader. 

I am missing symbols in Market Watch, why? 

Right mouse click in Market Watch and then select show all. Now you are able to see all tradable pairs. 

Why I am not able to buy or sell? 

Always check the market opening hours for certain assets in your country. It is possible that the market is closed at the time you are trying to open a trade. Also, check your margin level and confirm the volume for your trade with your personal account manager, as there is a possibility you do not have enough margin to open that trade. 

Am I able to see my trading history? 

Of course. You are able to check it at any time on your Metatrader platform by clicking on Account History which is displayed in terminal window. To open the terminal window, press Ctrl+T on your keyboard. Also, you are able to check your trading history in the GsiMarkets website when logged in to the Members Area 

--> Account History --> Trading History and creating a report for a certain period. Please note that only closed trades are visible in the Trading History. Next to your Trading History you also have the ability check your Withdrawal Transactions and Bonus History.